We are a group of passionate girls who share a common love for technology. Through Tech Girls United we hope to inspire and educate girls around the world, promoting inclusivity and diversity in the computer science field.

Meet The Team

Megan Jacob

Lead Director

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Puneetha Mallarapu


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I’m a paragraph. Double click me or click Edit Text, it's easy.

Meet The Team


Megan Jacob

Founder / Executive Director

Megan Jacob is a rising junior in the Bay Area. She is a passionate developer who is interested in Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence, having interned at STEMAway and Codelabs. She is also an advocate for Women in STEM and has spoken and mentored at events such as Girlvasion, Girls Who Code Summit, etc. 

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Kylee Liao

Operations Team

Kyleen Liao is currently a freshman at Saratoga High School who is passionate about programming and teaching. She has 3 years of Java and robotics experience. She enjoys competitive programming and participates in USACO. Last year, Kyleen was the Vice President of her VEX middle school robotics team and the Team Captain of her sub-team. Kyleen is also interested in music, writing, and reading.

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Kimberly Sejas

Marketing Team

I’m Kimberly and I love graphic design which is why I’m a part of the marketing team! I’m a high school senior and live in Virginia. I want to encourage more girls to pursue computer science related fields!

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Rachel Gunawan

Operations Lead

Hello! I’m Rachel, a junior living in the Seattle area. I have a passion for coding and spreading my love for it with other people. Working with Tech Girls United has given me the opportunity to provide chances for other women to grow their interest in computer science! In my spare time I love to play the piano and spend time with family.


Aishwarya Ramesh

Marketing Lead

A sophomore in high school, Aishwarya has a strong passion for computer science and technology and loves exploring app and web development. She also loves graphic design, and is part of the Marketing team, striving to engage and promote Tech Girls United on our social media platforms! Besides being interested in tech, Aishwarya loves to play the piano and enjoys swimming.

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Srinidhi Venkatesh

Operations Team

Srinidhi Venkatesh is a rising junior in a STEM Academy program from New Jersey. She is passionate about both computer science and engineering in general. She loves to teach about various topics and share her experiences and expertise within these fields. She is a firm advocate of WiSTEM and hopes to uplift other girls to get involved with STEM. In her free time she likes to read, dance, play the violin, and code.


Farha Jabin Oyshee

Marketing Team

Farha Jabin Oyshee is from Bangladesh and is currently an undergraduate student from Computer Science background.