Past Events

Recordings for the February Workshop on Information Science, March workshop on Responsible AI and April workshop on Humanitarian Engineering coming soon!!

Scientist on Computer

Computer Science Applications Workshop

January 23

This workshop was led by Mehal Kashyap, Computer Science student at Carnegie Mellon. She explored the various applications that CS has in the finance industry and robotics, introducing topics like natural Language Processing.

Data on a Touch Pad

Data Science Program

August 3 - 7

Participants varying in experience level were able to learn how to program in python and how to use common data science libraries such as pandas, numpy, and matplotlib. There were almost 100 participants with people from 18 different countries and 15 different states.

Portfolio Web Design

Web Development Winter Camp

December 18 - 23

Educated programming beginners on the fundamentals of web development This includes HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

Ux mobile app

UX Design Workshop

October 17

Featured award winning UX Designed Vicky Vo who presented an introduction to UX design to help interested learners get started.

Programming Console

Women in Computer Science Panel

October 17th

Featured inspiring women in Computer Science careers. Panelists included:

  • Pamela Jasper, CEO of Jasper Consulting

  • Sreeya Sai, Software Engineer at Drift

  • Alayna Truttman, Design Technologist at Intuit

  • Devki Trivedi, Program Manager at Google